Success Stories at Cherub Fertility and Women’s Centre

At Cherub Fertility and Women’s Centre, we take immense pride in the countless success stories that have unfolded within our caring walls. These stories are a testament to the dedication, expertise, and unwavering support provided by our team. We celebrate the joy and happiness that our patients have experienced on their journeys to parenthood and improved women’s health.

Real People, Real Dreams

Our success stories are not just statistics; they are the real experiences of individuals and couples who have entrusted us with their most cherished dreams. Each story is unique and reflects the resilience, hope, and love that define the human spirit. We are grateful to have played a part in these transformative moments.

Hear from Our Cherub Families
Priya Anu
13 reviews
2 years ago
I would like to give honest review about Dr. Florance and her team. One of the best Dr I have met. We came to know her through our family friend.

We have been trying for a baby and met many other dr but nothing worked out. We have been trying for a baby for last 6 years. We met her by God’s will and I got pregnant with her best treatment. Now am carrying and nearing my due.

They have awesome nursing team and they are very friendly. Dr.Florance is available anytime in WhatsApp for quick guidance and support. Her team also available anytime with proper follow ups.

One of the best Dr. I have ever met. Me and my family are really blessed to have her. We wish her all the very best for her service and bring Joy to many other families like us.
a year ago
Best clinic in Tambaram. I have been trying for pregnancy for almost 3 years and couldn’t due to thyroid and PCOS. I consulted other doctors nothing worked. After I shifted to Chennai, I visited this clinic. Dr. Florence is very kind and friendly. I am really glad that I got her as my gynaecologist. She identified the problem for not getting pregnant and treated me in right way. Never prescribed unwanted medicine or scans.After consultation, within 3 months I got pregnant. I had some of the complications during pregnancy. She was very helpful throughout my pregnancy. She is the one who delivered my baby and now I have 2.5 months old baby girl.You can contact her anytime and message your doubts which will be clarified by her . That is the beauty part. I don’t know how many doctors do that. I used to torture her by asking silly question and doubts she never hesitated. Such a beautiful soul. Not only her, all the nurse work in the clinic, are professional and friendly. Saranya and Bhavani sisters are the one who were with me throughout my pregnancy. This clinic has all the facilities. You can definitely visit and put your trust on her. I would recommended her 100 percent for the people who are trying to conceive and pregnant. Thank you so much doctor and team
Chithra Chithra
3 reviews3 photos 
2 years ago
So I’m here to share my honest review about this clinic. I visited Cherub clinic when I was down with severe menstrual pain in 2019 and there my journey started with this clinic. I use to get severe menstrual pain every month and I never knew that I would feel a pain free period in my life.. But after visiting Dr Florence mam, she changed my life as a dream and through a surgery I felt much better and it reduced my pain. After that I continued my infertility treatment with them. After 3 failed IUI, again Dr Florence made a magic in my life and I got conceived through her ivf treatment now.She madeagic in many of her patients life. If you’re someone who is trying to get a best infertility doctor, u can blindly chose cherub clinic.
Gomathi Dhandapani Chandrasekaran
1 review
8 months ago
My Self Gomathi, I had high blood pressure during pregnancy. This left us couple of miscarriage and very worried, after that I had a visit with Dr. Florence Mam of Cherub Fertility clinic, Rajakilpakkam and it was a delight. She immediately made me feel very comfortable. This doctor is truly exceptional! From the moment I entered the doors to the Clinic, I felt welcomed, cared for, and completely at ease. Doctor and nurses are very kind to patient.. Dr Florence Mam is very understanding and listens to our concerns. She explained everything in detail about my problem and treated with extra care. Now I am a Mom of two daughters. My family and I will be forever grateful to Florence Mam. Thanks Doctor for doing everything that you do and helping me during a hard time. Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Florence Mam and highly recommend.
Daniel James
7 reviews
a year ago
Dr. Florence mam is the most helpful and patient friendly doctor we have ever met.. she is the one who safely delivered our baby even though my wife had several complications including 5 months of bed rest.. the most inspiring thing was how she responded to our messages and calls even in the midnight.. and waiting till everything was alright and then going to sleep… she always prefers the safest medication and avoids unwanted dosage.. she was so experienced that even when we didnt knw how to explain the symptoms.. she would identify them and treat us.. now we are blessed with a baby girl and she is 3 months old.. Thanks to doctor..
Rakhi Mallick (Verified) 8 days ago
Visited Dr. Florence Vasantha Praba (Gynecologist) For PCOD/PCOS Treatment
I recommend the doctor
This was my first visit, I left the clinic with much more positivity.
Staffs are efficient and caring to all patients.
Doctor is extremely calm and evaluated my medical histories from the beginning with all sincerity.
Clinic provides Dietary help and having facilities like Lab ( they provide home collection too) and pharmacy so that one doesn’t have to worry about tests and medicines.
Vaishnavi (Verified) 3 years ago
Visited Dr. Florence Vasantha Praba (Gynecologist) For Pregnancy
Happy with: 
I visited the doctor for second pregnancy after two miscarriages.Florence Mam treated very well with all supportive medicines and positive words.She is always reachable on watsapp or calls to clear our doubts any time. Finally we are blessed with baby boy this month.she took care from day 1 of pregnancy to the date of discharge from hospital. highly recommended for all
Success Stories
Poornima (Verified)
7 months ago
Visited Dr. Florence Vasantha Praba (Gynecologist) For Infertility Evaluation / Treatment
Happy with: 
Florence mam is friendly and easily approachable. She diagnosed the cause at an early stage itself and provided us appropriate treatment. All the staff in clinic are very caring and clarify the doubts whenever we reach them.
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